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Optimize Recipe Formulation

with AI-Powered Precision

We give Food & Beverage R&D teams the tools they need…

…to optimize recipes for





Develop products




Optimize flavor (taste, aroma), texture, organoleptic and other sensory attributes, along with nutrition and cost

Develop in weeks or months… not years

Spend your time innovating… not stuck in data 

Amid thousands of recipe inputs and possible ingredient combinations, we provide you with the tools to find your

AI-enabled solutions for:

Who We Serve

Alternative Protein

Plant-based, Fermentation, (Biomass, Precision, Recombinants), Cell-cultivated, Insect, Algae, Molecular farming, Hybrids

Food Manufacturers & CPG

Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Eggs, Snacks, Candy, Other CPG products, Flavorings and Ingredients, Supplements

Food Services

Full and Limited Service Restaurants, Food Service Contractors, Meal Kit Providers, Caterers, Dieticians, Nutritionists

Pet Food

Companion Animal Food, Specialty Pet Food, Specialty Animal Feed

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrances, Oral Care, Bath and Body
eating our planet earth broken food system

Change is happening.

We're committed to helping Food & Beverage companies adapt.

As the demand for nutritious food (and especially protein) increases, our food systems face unprecedented pressure, driving the search for more sustainable solutions. For these solutions to be widely adopted, they must be delicious and affordable.

This is a complex challenge, but we're here to help make the process easier and more efficient.

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