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AI Recipe Formulation

AI recipe formulation and optimization to accelerate food & beverage product development

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We introduce Food & Beverage companies to the era of AI recipe formulation

Accelerate Product Development

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Recipe Formulation Software

Create & Manage Recipes - Whether it’s innovation or reformulation, we’ve got you covered.

Manage recipes, streamline operational workflows

Develop and create recipes and F&B products with AI and natural language in seconds

Learn and adapt through dynamic testing-make confident, data-driven decisions without bias

Bypass data silos and information retrieval delays by efficiently storing and accessing information ​

New Product Development

Innovation - The heart of growth and differentiation.

Discover new flavors and launch pioneering new products to shape the market

Leverage new technologies to enhance food production, packaging, safety, and distribution processes

Introduce sustainable practices to meet growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products

Develop products that cater to health-conscious consumers - high in beneficial nutrients, low in harmful ingredients or even tailored to specific dietary needs

Discover unique, delicious, and sustainable ingredient pairings and speed up recipe and food formulation

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Existing Product Reformulation

Reformulation - Strategic refining for a competitive edge.

Adjust flavors and textures to improve sensory profiles or boost your recipe with higher quality ingredients

Change formulations to comply with new food safety and labelling regulations

Alter recipes to incorporate more sustainable or ethically sourced ingredients

Reduce sugars, fats, or artificial ingredients to create healthier versions of popular products

Proactively respond to supply chain issues with cost-effective, accurate ingredient substitutes and accelerate adaptation

Our AI platform gets you to solutions

Recipe formulation is complex.

It requires tackling the sensory (taste, texture, aroma, and appearance), nutritional, and cost variables, with agility and precision. We equip R&D teams with essential tools to amplify their unparalleled creativity, empowering them to innovate and develop the F&B products they envision, leading to impactful outcomes.

Empower your R&D team to seamlessly innovate and excel

Ingredient Database

A comprehensive and reliable ingredient database for making data-driven decisions about flavor, nutrition, and cost

Data Analytics & Insights

Advanced data analytics and Insights, infused with food science expertise, to perfect your product formulations

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined and synergistic workflows for seamless team collaboration in real-time among many people and departments

★ Benefits

Grow Revenues and Profitability

Refine Your Recipes, Redefine the F&B Industry



Elevate your product development with our AI platform, designed to combat the over 80% failure rate for new products in the F&B industry. By merging food science expertise with advanced AI analytics, our technology boosts the accuracy and consistency of your R&D processes, resulting in more reliable food formulation outcomes.



Accelerate your product's journey from the lab to the market. Getting new F&B products to market takes 2 years on average. With Proxy Foods accelerating key processes and alleviating R&D bottlenecks, turnaround goes from years to weeks.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Save substantially on time and resources. Traditional R&D methods generate waste - waste of time, capital, and human resources. . Our platform’s streamlining capabilities allow you to reinvest savings into what matters—growth and innovation.

Can F&B Manufacturers Compete Without AI?

Tailored solutions

for F&B companies hungry to stay ahead

New Food Ventures

Alternative Protein, Fermentation, Plant-based, Insect, Algae, Hybrids, Novel Foods​, Cell-cultivated, Cellular Agriculture, Molecular Farming

CPG and F&B

F&B Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG/CPGs), Frozen Foods, Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Snacks, Candy, Beverages, Dietary Supplements,  Condiments, Baked Goods​

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Food Services

Catering Services, Contractors, Full & Limited Service Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs),  Meal Kit Providers, Institutional Food Services (such as schools, hospitals, and universities), Hospitality Groups  ​

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Pet Food (dry/wet), Pet Treats, Specialized Pet Nutrition, Food R&D and Product Development Centers, Food Laboratories, F&B Consultants

Our AI platform can help you answer the most pressing questions in the industry

Platform Users

food scientists sensory evaluation food and recipe formulation
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Food Product Developers & Food Scientists

R&D Teams, Chefs & Culinary Professionals

Food Technologists & Chemists

Sensory & Flavor Scientists

Food consultants, Dieticians, Nutritionists

& More

Embrace the taste of change.

As demand for nutritious and sustainable food increases, our food systems face unprecedented pressure, driving the search for more efficient and ethical solutions that nurture our planet and respect animal welfare. For these solutions to be widely adopted, they must also be delicious and affordable.

This is a complex challenge, but we're here to help make the process easier and more exciting.

Our mission is to accelerate product innovation by empowering changemakers with the technology they need to develop impactful recipes. We envision a world where every recipe advances the aggregate well-being of all life and future generations.

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