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Recipe formulation is complex,
It requires tackling the sensory, nutritional, organoleptic, and cost
variables faster than the competition, with agility and precision.
We give R&D teams the tools they need to deliver results:

Our Al platform gets you to Solutions


The failure rate for new products in the F&B industry hovers around 80%
Our platform lends a food science overlay and institutional compounding knowledge to the predictive power of Al, increasing the accuracy and precision of your R&D efforts

Getting new F&B products to market takes 2 years on average. With Proxy Foods accelerating key processes and and alleviating R&D bottlenecks, turnaround goes from years to weeks.

Traditional R&D methods generate waste - waste of time, capital, and human resources. Our platform streamlines workflow and takes the guesswork out of the R&D process so that time, effort and funds can be used with the highest efficiency.